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Role of the Laboratory in Organ Donation and Transplants

The laboratory participates very actively and closely in all the transplant programmes and forms the backbone of any organ donation programme.

There is a detailed pre transplant work up protocol for every transplant.

It also starts with the HLA tissue typing test of donor and recipient which is not very important for kidney, heart or liver transplants , but extremely important for Bone marrow transplants where in a 100% match is mandatory.

The most important test for any transplant is the cross match test between the donor and recipient.

The laboratory at Ruby Hall Clinic, is the only lab in Pune & Maharashtra outside Mumbai which does this test, and provides the service at any time of day or night, Sunday or holiday.

The team of Drs and technicians are very dedicated and well trained and happy to offer the service for the noble cause of organ donation. This test is done by Flow cytometry and is a very sophisticated way of testing for compatibility between the donor and the patient.


This test is done for kidney, liver and heart transplants.

During the transplant surgery & Post transplant , the laboratory contributes a lot for monitoring the progress of the patient including the dose of immunosuppressant which is given to transplant patients for a long time after the transplant. Cultures from various sites for any infection and biopsy to indicate rejection are also provided by the lab.

Thus the role of the laboratory is extremely important from the start of planning the transplant till a few years post transplant.



While organ transplantation continues to grow as a treatment modality, transfusion support remains an integral part. Ruby Hall Clinic’s blood bank is the only one in Pune to be accre-dited with NABH. Keeping abreast with cutting-edge technology, a number of pre-assessment procedures and life-altering protocols essential during transplantation procedures, the blood bank makes every drop count.



Transplantation can be highly stressful, demanding, and emotionally draining for the entire family. Our department of social work is an integral part of the transplant team and provides education, support, and counselling through all phases of transplant. Working closely with financial counsellors to refer patients and families to economic resources, our team is also responsible for the registration of donors with ZTCC.



A successful transplant program entails many elements, but perhaps one of the most vital element is a well informed and dedicated nursing staff. Ruby Hall Clinic was the first hospital to be dually awarded by the NABH and AHPI for its excellence in nursing care. Having special expertise in treating problems related to transplants, our nurses also provide long-term assistance and psycho-social support to all our patients.



Known to be true modern day miracles, transplantation and organ donation saves countless lives. And transforms so many others. The gift of life brings great honour and prestige to both the donor and the donor’s family, while bringing hope and relief to the recipient and their loved ones. While giving is an irreplaceable gesture, the support of various departments can-not be forgotten.