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What the Future looks like

What the Future looks like

Even as researchers continue to develop and test new therapies for various types of organ dysfunction, transplantation still represents the most effective form of treatment for many illnesses.Over the course of a couple of decades, the field of organ transplantation has advanced significantly from its experimental beginnings and has evolved into one of the most progressive, complex, and uniquely challenging areas of modern-day healthcare.

Through these years, our experts at Ruby Hall Clinic have developed protocols and surgical approaches that promote long-term survival, as well as an enhanced quality of life, among patients of all ages. Our aim is to expand from kidney, liver, heart, cornea and bone marrow to other organs such as pancreas and lungs in the near future.

Additionally, in the coming years we hope to promote and conduct transplantations of tissues such as bone and bone products, heart valves and vessels, duramater, amniotic membrane, cadaveric joints such as knees, hips, shoulder and bone grafts.With these additions, our institute will be capable of transplanting all organs that can be transplanted.

Our all-encompassing centre will benefit innumerable families who would otherwise have to travel outside the country seeking a new lease of life. With a desire to further shape India’s health care future, we continue to set benchmarks of clinical excellence in organ transplantation while upholding our strong legacy of compassionate healthcare.