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Dr. Sanjay Pathare

Words of Our Director

At Ruby Hall Clinic, we believe that transplantation is a lifelong commitment – for you and for us. We are committed to the time, effort and resources to make your transplant a success. And for us, the definition of success extends far beyond a transplant procedure. It means we’ll work with you to make your life after the procedure as successful as possible.

Over the last half century, our name has been synonymous with excellence – and with reason. Our effort has been simple – bring together the best and the brightest clinicians, and give them the support they need to discover new treatment approaches and deliver state-of-the-art care.

Consider the knowledge and experience of our transplant team: our healthcare providers are among the best transplant surgeons in the nation. We have conducted thousands of transplant surgeries, earning national and international esteem for our expertise.

At the forefront of transplantation, we strive to become close to each and every one of our patients. This means asking you about your family and how you are all handling life before or after transplant.

We are very proud that our patient feels that we care about them as people and that we look after our patients’ overall health and well being – not just their organs.

Our primary mission continues to be compassionate patient care. As experts in all aspects of organ disease and treatment, we recognise that transplantation may be the treatment of last resort. But when a transplant is the best, or only option, we know we’re the ones to turn to.

Dr. Sanjay Pathare

Medical Director

Ruby Hall Clinic